5 Advantages Tooth-Colored Fillings Have Over Silver Fillings

5 Advantages Tooth-Colored Fillings Have Over Silver Fillings

Jun 01, 2019

For many decades, the dentists used to choose amalgam fillings if they wanted strong and durable filling. However, the dentist in 63127 says that, gone are the days when amalgam was the only choice for creating a durable filling. Keeping the cosmetic dentistry in mind, the dentists choose only tooth-colored composite fillings as they offer several advantages over older amalgam fillings. Here’s a look:

No damage to your smile

Unlike the amalgam fillings which leave a black mark in the mouth, the tooth-colored fillings blend in, with your smile seamlessly. No one can even figure out if you have fillings in your tooth.

Improved esthetics

The dentist in Sunset Hills, MO says that the tooth-colored fillings can be customized to match the natural shade of your teeth. Thus, the repair blends flawlessly into your smile. Also, the composite is an easier material to work with which makes it possible for the dentist to shape the filling as per the contours of your tooth for an invisible repair.

Better long-term outcomes

The composite filling material is bonded to the surface of your natural tooth, which forms a strong filling. Amalgam on the other hand doesn’t bond to the structure of your natural tooth. Also, amalgam expands and contracts at a different rate than the tooth structure. This creates areas in the tooth where bacteria can collect and gradually cause decay.

Better for your oral health

Placing a composite filling is more conservative than placing silver fillings. The tooth-colored fillings are bonded directly onto the natural tooth. This needs the dentist to only remove the damaged portion of the tooth structure and the healthy structure can be preserved.

No worries about mercury

The silver fillings are a combination of several metals including mercury. Some research suggests that over the period of time, mercury vapors may be released from the filling which creates a concern for patients over the safety of amalgam. The tooth-colored fillings are made of plastic resin so there’s no need to worry about the safety, says the Sunset Hills dentist near you.

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