5 Reasons to wear a night guard

5 Reasons to wear a night guard

Mar 01, 2022

Bruxism is a condition that causes chronic teeth grinding. People who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) can experience jaw and teeth pain in the morning when they wake up. That is because they tend to grind their teeth all through the night while asleep. What’s worse is that most people who have bruxism don’t realize it until they hear it from people who sleep close to them about the constant noise they make while clenching their teeth at night. Also, dentists can discover signs of bruxism through a dental examination. Now, this is where a night guard comes in.

Dental night guards are oral devices that you can wear at night to prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) at night. The night guards reduce the force from the grinding or clenching to protect the teeth and prevent pains in the jaw and teeth. If bruxism is left unattended, it could lead to teeth loss, and one may end up with serious jaw problems over time. That is why you must visit my STL dentist for treatment.

Types Of Night Guards

You can either get night guards over-the-counter or from the dentist. Both can serve the purpose. However, a custom-made nightguard made by the dentist is very much effective. Here is why.

To get a custom-made nightguard at the dentist’s office, they need to first examine your teeth, gums, and mouth in general. That tells them the extent of damage through bruxism and the presence of other dental issues if any.

Next, the dentist would take an impression of your dental structure to a dental technician who would make your night guards. That means that your night guards will fit in properly just for you. Also, you won’t have issues with the night guard slipping out because they don’t fit well. And yes, over-the-counter night guards are cheaper, but they don’t stand a chance at being more effective than custom-made night guards made by a dentist. Custom night guards are long-lasting and can last for a decade with good maintenance.

How Do I Know I Have Bruxism?

Although there are no specific causes of bruxism, some factors can lead to bruxism. These factors include age, psychological reasons, lifestyle choices, and medical conditions (sleep apnea, epilepsy, and several other illnesses).

There are signs that you should look out for. People who suffer from bruxism always experience some after-effects. That is because constant teeth grinding would affect the teeth and jaw in various ways. You should visit a dentist near you if you notice the following symptoms below.

  • Severe tooth sensitivity to cold and hot substances.
  • Pains on the neck or face
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Painful jaw muscle, especially in the mornings.

Nevertheless, your dentist is in the best position to give you a correct diagnosis after analyzing your dental structure. Also, you can get the best type of treatment from your dentist.

Reasons Why Bruxism Patients Should Wear Night Guards

  •   For Relieving Tooth Pain: Constant teeth clenching can cause tooth pain and, eventually, chipped teeth. The teeth nerves will become exhausted due to excess stimulation, causing toothache later in the day. To prevent this, you can get night guards near you.
  •   It Helps You Save Money: Patients with bruxism should get night guards on time so they don’t suffer excess damages that would cause them to spend more money later.
  •   To Save Your Teeth From Damages: Teeth grinding can make the teeth wear out on time. The enamels would start to erode, and the patient would begin to notice cracks over time. The night guard would reduce the force that your teeth would suffer from constant grinding. Get night guards in Sunset Hills to prevent your teeth from cracking due to bruxism.
  •   It Promotes Healthy Sleep: Some special night guards can help you sleep well with sleep apnea. They can prevent obstructed airflow, which could cause insufficient sleep and fatigue during the day.
  • For Relieving Jaw Pain: Jaw pain can cause difficulties in eating and other dental functions. The night guard would help prevent constant teeth grinding, which would also help in reducing excess jaw movements.

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