Can Snore Guards Improve Your Quality of Life?

Can Snore Guards Improve Your Quality of Life?

Nov 01, 2019

Is a member of your family regularly snoring? If so, you would have information about how annoying this habit can be. The member of your family would have reduced your quality of life keeping you awake when you needed sleep most. You should be taking the steps needed to improve your quality of life by recommending that your family member contact dentist 63127 for getting the problem treated. You need good quality sleep because it is essential for your overall health. Not seeking the help needed from dentist Sunset Hills MO would be detrimental to the overall quality of your health.

What Does Snoring Indicate?

Many people fail to realize snoring is the initial symptom of sleep apnea. The problem of snoring can affect everybody on occasions including babies and pets. However, snoring regularly many times during the night can be an indication of a bigger problem. The snoring can affect the quality and the quantity of sleep you get. It can moreover lead to daytime fatigue, irritability, memory loss, acid reflux, weight gain, headaches and a host of other problems. Furthermore, as the member of your family is snoring loudly, he or she is also affecting your sleep ensuring both of you are not achieving the sleep needed at night.

The member of your family can either consider visiting a physician or a cardiologist to determine whether he or she suffers from sleep apnea. Alternatively, a visit to a dentist in Sunset Hills near you can also prove beneficial. The practitioners will all be suggesting different treatments which can help your family member. However, it is an essential requirement to obtain treatment for this condition which is wreaking havoc on your sleeping habits as well as your overall health.

Types of Treatments For Snoring

If your family member decides to visit a physician or a cardiologist, he or she may be referred to a sleep clinic for polysomnography tests which are inconvenient, expensive, and cumbersome. However, these tests are considered as the gold standard for determining whether an individual is suffering from the problem of sleep apnea.

Technological advances made in the diagnosis of sleep apnea is presently giving people opportunities to have themselves diagnosed from the comfort of their home with the home sleep apnea monitor. While a diagnosis with this monitor is not inconvenient or overly expensive it can set back the affected individual by a small margin. Both methods of diagnosis are accepted by physicians and cardiologists as the best way to determine the presence of sleep apnea among individuals.

If either of the two options discussed is considered unsuitable by your family member you are suggested to recommend them to a dentist who can provide snore guards in Sunset Hills MO. The dentist will discuss the problem with your family member to evaluate the condition and understand whether the issue relates to sleep apnea or not. If your family member is not suffering from sleep apnea the dentist would recommend a treatment for the problem by suggesting snore guards.

What Are Snore Guards And How Can They Help?

Snore guards are custom-designed mouthguards for treating a snoring problem. They function similarly as an athletic mouthguard and needs to be worn when sleeping to reduce or perhaps eliminate snoring by adjusting the position of the jaw.

The minor adjustment in the position of the jaw ensures the airway is not obstructed and is more open to allowing air to move unhindered through the nose and mouth when your family member is sleeping. The snore guard creates an openness allowing more air into the lungs to help the family member sleep better along with you.

The choice of selection about whether your family member will meet a physician, or a dentist is a matter of personal discretion, but it cannot be denied that sleep apnea is a major cause of health problems requiring attention from cardiologists in most cases. Left untreated your family member could be a candidate for suffering conditions like hypertension, strokes, cardiovascular diseases, and other health issues. If you decide to ignore the problem, you can also consider yourself as a partner in crime with your family member and begin preparing for the many problems which can affect your overall health.

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