ClearCorrect 101: Purpose, Procedure, and Length of Treatment 

ClearCorrect 101: Purpose, Procedure, and Length of Treatment 

Aug 01, 2021

When you have bite problems, it affects not only your appearance but also your dental health. Correcting these problems is vital, and fortunately, we have several orthodontic treatments that you can use to realign the teeth. One of the treatments you can choose includes the ClearCorrect® braces.

These are clear aligners that can help realign the teeth without changing your lifestyle. But before you visit a ClearCorrect dentist near you, it is important to know what the braces are and how they work.

What are ClearCorrect Braces?

ClearCorrect aligners are made of plastic containing resin which makes them invisible, thin, and comfort able onyour gums. Although they are made of plastic, these braces do not contain BPA, meaning they are safe to wear.

The aligners come in different versions; you can choose from limited 6 to unlimited. Limited 6 and 12 are designed for minor to moderate dental malocclusion while the unlimited version is ideal if you have severe bite problems.

How Do They Compare with Invisalign?

ClearCorrect and Invisalign® braces are both clear aligners and they work similarly. However, the two differ when it comes to thickness. The ClearCorrect aligners are thinner than the Invisalign.

When Are They Recommended?

ClearCorrect aligners are recommended for adults and teenagers because they require high standards of hygiene. Furthermore, the dentist can recommend invisible aligners if you have moderate bite problems. Severe malocclusion will require other forms of treatment like the traditional braces.

How is the Procedure Done?

ClearCorrect treatment is done in phases and it can last for a couple of months.

  • Examination and planning

Dr. William Uthoff will begin the process by doing a comprehensive dental assessment. He will use a 3D scan that takes precise images of your jaw to create the aligners. The scan is also used to determine the pressure and time needed to correct the bite problems. You will also get a preview of what to expect after the treatment is done.

  • Treatment process

The dentist will give you a series of aligners (depending on the choice) that you are supposed to wear for two weeks before changing. You also need to wear the braces for 22 hours daily and remove them when you are eating or drinking.

While the treatment is done at home, you will be required to visit your dentist every six to eight weeks to have the gums and the treatment assessed.

  • Retention phase

Retainers help to preserve the results of the orthodontic treatment by holding the teeth in position. Failing to use the retainers according to the given instructions will cause the teeth to revert to their old position. Remember, the orthodontic treatment breaks the ligaments which can affect the stability of the teeth, hence the need for retainers.

What Can You Expect When You Wear the Aligners?

Braces are not painful, but when you wear them for the first time, you will experience some discomfort. You will also have pressure on the teeth every time you wear the aligners as the teeth move into position. The discomfort does not last for long, and you will not need any pain relievers.

Are There Any Dental Instructions?

Yes. Although ClearCorrect braces are removable and do not restrict your lifestyle, you will need proper habits and hygiene practices.

  • Wear the aligners for the stipulated time (22 hours every day). This is because stopping the treatment will disrupt the alignment process, and it will take longer to restart the treatment.
  • Clean the aligners every day when brushing and before wearing them. Avoid using toothpaste when brushing the braces. Also, do not use hot water on the aligners because it may change the shape.
  • Make sure you brush your teeth and gums and rinse the mouth when putting on the aligners.
  • Keep the aligners moist when you are not wearing them to prevent them from drying. Dry aligners can lead to the build-up of food particles and bacteria growth.
  • Visit the dentist regularly (every eight weeks) to have the process assessed.

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