Debunking Common Myths about Root Canal Treatment

Debunking Common Myths about Root Canal Treatment

Aug 01, 2023

To people who aren’t familiar with a root canal to them, the Procedure may come off as intimidating and painful. However, there have been several misconceptions about root canal treatments, such as they are painful, risky and should be avoided if possible. Fortunately, that is far from the reality of the treatment. Root canal treatments have been designed to help and not hurt the patient. They are done to get rid of the infected part of your tooth and prevent reinfection. For root canal treatment in Sunset Hills, MO, visit our dental office near you; we will educate you on everything you need to know about the importance of having root canal treatment.

Common Myths About Root Canal

It’s easy to find all kinds of information about root canal treatments on the internet. However, it can be challenging to differentiate facts from myths. Here are common root canal myths that have been debunked.

Root Canals are Painful

By itself, root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain. During the Procedure, your dentist administers local anesthesia to numb your gums and tooth and bone. The anesthesia works by turning off the nerve signals that inform your brain that something is hurting. Additionally, a root canal is used to relieve pain. It removes the damaged part of the tooth that causes pain and discomfort.

The Procedure can Lead to an Illness.

This is patently a false myth with no scientific evidence proving it to be correct. There is much misinformation on the internet that could prevent you from getting much-needed dental treatment procedures.

Tooth Extraction is Better

You will never get a perfect replacement for your natural tooth despite dental implants coming a long way to effectively and adequately restore your missing teeth. A root canal is a superior choice for saving your natural tooth. Even after a root canal, your natural tooth can function and last a lifetime. In addition, root canals have a shorter healing period than extraction and dental implant restoration procedures.

You Will Require Multiple Appointments

While this was once possible, there have been technological dental advancements that have helped streamline the Procedure. Usually, a root canal procedure will require one or two appointments. The severity of the root canal will determine the duration of the treatment.

Root Canal Removes the Tooth Root

Only the infected part of the tooth is removed during root canal therapy. The tooth root is left in place since they anchor the jawbone.

Your Tooth is Fixed Forever After Root Canal Treatment

Most patients will invest time and money in root canal procedures to save their natural tooth but later develop long-term complications due to a lack of the necessary follow-up treatment care. A root canal is a vital journey of redeeming a tooth after irreversible nerve or pulp damage. Unfortunately, root canals cannot singularly finish the job. Root canals remove the blood vessels from the pulp, leaving the tooth with no source of hydration. And because of this, your teeth will become dry and brittle, increasing the chances of cracking. Your teeth may require dental crowns to protect them from fracturing or breaking.

Additionally, your tooth is also at risk of getting cavities. Therefore, practice good oral hygiene. Also, see your dentist at 63127 twice yearly for professional deep cleaning and examination.

If You Have a Toothache, You Will Need a Root canal.

Not all toothaches require a root canal procedure as treatment. You may experience a toothache as a symptom of sensitivity and inflammation, which could be reversible and temporary. Root canals are recommended when the blood vessels and nerve tissues inside your teeth have sustained irreversible trauma or bacterial infection damage. Here are sign that you may need a root canal:

  • Pain that appears when you are not drinking or eating
  • Lingering pain of more than ten seconds that occurs after you have eaten or drunk something
  • Swelling of the gum near your tooth’s roots

I can’t Receive Root Canal Treatment if I Have an Infection.

When you have an infection, a root canal treatment is most needed. Root canals will ease the pain you are experiencing when you have an infected tooth. If left untreated, the infection could get worse and lease to tooth loss.

Root canal treatment is a restorative and efficient treatment offered at My STL Dentist. We have a team of endodontists trained to examine infected teeth and provide customized treatment for you. Please book an appointment at our nearest dental office.

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