Dental Exams and Cleanings: Why They Are So Important

Dental Exams and Cleanings: Why They Are So Important

Apr 02, 2019

Your teeth are a highly important part of your body and overall health. They allow you to eat, drink, speak, and perform other activities without discomfort, pain, or immense effort. At My STL Dentist, we provide patients with premier dental cleanings – but why is this task so important?

Regular Dental Visits Can Make a Major Difference

With biannual dental visits, your dental health will be improved without you even realizing it. Dentists enhance oral health by providing deep cleanings and other services that you would not be available anywhere else. For a My STL Dentist.

Taking X-Rays to Examine Structural Issues

X-rays are commonly performed during dental visits, and they allow our dentist near you to assess the structure of your mouth and the structures of teeth, including the jawbone and several other areas in your mouth.

A Professional Cleaning and Polishing

Professional cleanings, as well as polishing, done at your dentist in Sunset Hills removes plaque and calculus from hard to reach places in the mouth that you cannot access at home.

Checking the Teeth and Gums

When your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, the dentist in 63127 will check your mouth for visible problems. This allows us to see signs of tooth decay or gum problems as well as lesions in the mouth that may be indicative of more serious issues.

Discussing Concerns About Your Dental Health

During your visit to our dentist in Fenton, MO, you will be able to have a discussion about any health issues that may be causing issues or discomfort. This can include chronic bad breath, dry mouth, pain in the jaw, teeth grinding, and more.

Making Plans for Future Dental Treatments

You should get regular check-ups from your dentist and gather information that will help you be prepared for future dental procedures that may improve your health.

Giving You Tips for Improving Dental Hygiene and Wellness

Our dentists will provide you with a lot of helpful information to help you improve your oral health and keep your teeth healthy.

Make an appointment with our dentist now for any dental concerns you may have.


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