Dentistry in Affton providing general and cosmetic dental treatments simultaneously

Dentistry in Affton providing general and cosmetic dental treatments simultaneously

Jan 01, 2021

What would be the situation if you needed treatment from a general dentist for a cracked tooth, and your spouse wants some cosmetic enhancements to their smile. You undoubtedly would begin searching for different dental offices, one for yourself and one for your spouse. In such cases, wouldn’t you find it convenient if you could avail of general and cosmetic dental treatments simultaneously by scheduling just one dental appointment? We are confident you will heave a sigh of relief when informed you can indeed get both treatments required from the experienced dentist in Affton, MO, saving you time and the trouble of driving around town or searching for parking spaces.

People frequently avoid dental visits; merely because it is inconvenient to drive around town besides their dental anxiety, which haunts them forever. Until this moment, it was challenging to discover dentists offering multiple treatments simultaneously in one practice. Fortunately for you, competition among general dentists has made the Affton dentist realize it is time to provide patients more than just general dentistry. They have included cosmetic dentistry treatments with their offerings and have begun attracting a clientele that wants more treatments covered in one dental visit.

What Services Are Provided by General Dentistry in Affton?

Whether you want dental cleanings or exams or have your cracked tooth repaired, rest assured the general dentist provides both treatments in one convenient appointment. The broken tooth is x-rayed to determine the extent of the damage. After deciding the injury, the dentist seals the cracked tooth with a tooth-colored filling from composite resin. The resin prevents bacteria from penetrating the cracks and attacking your tooth’s pulp.

General dentists provide a wide range of treatments you may need for any member of your family or yourself. You can contact general dentists whenever you need any treatments related to your oral health. Undergoing an examination from a general dentist for preventive dentistry allows you to have a grip on your overall health. Besides providing preventive dental treatments and advice, general dentists also examine you for oral cancer by looking for signs of abnormal growth in your mouth. Dental x-rays allow general dentists to detect any issues affecting your mouth early to advise treatment options that prove beneficial.

How Can General Dentists Provide Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty in the dental field, and any qualified dental professional provides these treatments. Cosmetic dentistry merely attempts to enhance the smile of an individual while also caring for their oral health. Therefore you mustn’t be bothered by any concerns if your general dentists also provide cosmetic treatments for your spouse.

If your spouse needs teeth whitening treatments for stain removal on their teeth, the dentist provides in-office bleaching treatments to improve the color of their teeth by three to eight shades. Should your spouse need treatments to make their teeth appear more even, the dentist provides dental bonding in one convenient appointment at their office. The benefits of visiting the Affton dentist will be apparent to you when you step into their offices.

Dentists Providing Multiple Treatments Must Be Expensive, Isn’t It?

Dental treatments are not affordable, and most dentists tend to charge higher prices according to their specific specialization. However, if you visit a general dentist also providing cosmetic dentistry, it doesn’t mean you have to pay higher fees for any treatments they provide. You may come across a situation where a teenager in your family needs teeth straightening but is reluctant to wear orthodontic braces. In such instances, the general dentist providing cosmetic treatments can offer the teenager a suitable alternative to straighten teeth without a mouth full of metal. Your family member will have straighter teeth from a general cosmetic dentist instead of visiting an orthodontist paying exorbitant prices.

General dentists now make arrangements for the management of dental insurance and financials within their practice. You can confidently visit the dentistry practice discussed if you have dental insurance or need a payment plan to manage your finances. Dentistry in Affton provides all the convenience required by patients while offering treatments from different specialties under one roof. You don’t need to schedule multiple appointments or drive around to various specialists because every family member has an additional requirement. You can go down to this practice with confidence that you will have all treatments cared for in one place.


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