Everything You Should Know About ClearCorrect

Everything You Should Know About ClearCorrect

Sep 01, 2021

Did your dentist in Sunset Hills, MO, recommend that you get orthodontic treatment the last time you visited him? Dental malocclusion is one of the most common dental issues among teenagers and children. However, adults too suffer from these dental issues, which come about as they grow up and have changes in the mouth. Although malocclusions are common there is still a silent stigma attached to not having perfectly aligned teeth. It becomes the one thing people stare at every time you talk or smile. Such can reinforce low self-esteem and confidence, hence reducing the quality of your life. Thankfully, there are many dental solutions in orthodontics today that provide a remedy for your dental misalignment. Besides, if you can correct the appearance of your smile without needing metal brackets or wires, wouldn’t you rather do it?

What is ClearCorrect?

It is an alternative to traditional metal braces in orthodontics, used to straighten and realign teeth. ​ClearCorrect Sunset Hills can be defined as a clear aligner system characterized by transparent, plastic, custom-made, removable teeth aligners with the ability to move and re-position teeth in the mouth. Technically, ​ClearCorrect in Sunset Hills, Mo, uses the same concept as Invisalign® braces.

The ClearCorrect teeth aligners are designed in such a way to snug perfectly on your teeth. This perfect fit is possible because the ​ClearCorrect in Mo is created following impressions, photographs, and radiographs taken by your dentist to create your teeth aligners. The images are then translated into an exact 3-D model of your teeth in a dental laboratory.

How Does It Work?

​ClearCorrect in 63127 works similarly to other types of clear aligners. The goal is to exert controlled pressure on teeth, causing them to shift and rotate gradually. However, you need a concise treatment plan generated by your orthodontist. This treatment plan will help establish different phases of your treatment, usually three or eight phases. The phases will help make projections of what should be happening with your teeth as you continue with your treatment. The best part about ​ClearCorrect near you is that it employs computer precision so that, with up-to-date digital mapping, you can visualize the outcome of your treatment based on your dental goals and desires.

What Should You Expect from Your Treatment?

The best way to amply prepare for treatment with ClearCorrect is to liaise with your orthodontist about it. There are several things that you cannot fully anticipate until you begin your treatment. However, some things you should already know include the following:

  • Treatment takes time – you will not realize perfectly straight teeth for a while. Many treatments last anywhere between six months and two years.
  • Soreness is expected – it is not necessarily painful to undergo treatment with ClearCorrect. However, when you get your teeth aligners, your mouth will feel sore for the first few days.
  • You need different sets of aligners – the first aligners you get will not be the same ones you have as you complete your treatment. As you go, you will have different aligners, usually up to 32 sets.

What Are the Advantages of ClearCorrect Aligners?

For you to choose these clear aligners over its counterparts, it helps to understand the kind of benefits it presents, including the following:

  • Aesthetically appealing – the transparency of the plastic material used to make these aligners allows for cosmetic appeal. Many people that have used ClearCorrect say that they are virtually invisible. It makes them perfect for patients particularly keen on keeping up with their aesthetic appearances.
  • No dietary restrictions – you do not have to hold back from eating your favorite foods just because you are undergoing treatment. With these aligners, you can conveniently remove them to eat whatever you want without the risk of damaging them or sabotaging the progression of your treatment.
  • Ease of oral hygiene – since they are removable, these clear aligners allow you to keep up with proper hygiene even as you undergo treatment.
  • They are comfortable – the plastic material that designs ClearCorrect aligners is comfortable for your gums and lips. More to it, these aligners are customized to fit perfectly on your teeth. This perfect fit ensures that the aligners do not unnecessarily make your gums sore while you undergo treatment.

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