How a Dental Bridge Replaces Missing Teeth and Protects Your Bite?

How a Dental Bridge Replaces Missing Teeth and Protects Your Bite?

Aug 16, 2019

Missing tooth does not only affect your overall appearance but may also disturb the eating functions. In case when you have missing teeth, you may choose the best option for restoring the missing tooth. There available so many options for missing tooth but patients generally choose implant as an excellent choice. Dentist at sunset hills mo suggests dental bridge as a great alternative to restore the missing tooth. Further, it can also protect the bite.

What is a Bridge?

Often bridge is chosen as an ideal solution for the replacement of one or more missing teeth. It uses advanced and healthy teeth to support anchor with dental crowns. Further, dentist at sunset hills attaches prosthetic teeth to crowns so as to fill any open space which is left behind. This can complete the filling and can complement your smile. Bridge can be used as a fixed appliance that need not be removed thus patient need not to worry about its slippage.

How Long Does a Bridge Last?

It is important to keep your bridge clean and healthy for its long-run result. Proper brushing and flossing are necessary for its longevity. Further, dentist at 63127 suggests bridge patient to visit a dental clinic for regular checkups. When proper home care routine is maintained as suggested by your dentist, the bridge may last for about 12 to 15 years.

How Does a Bridge Protect My Bite?

In case of missing tooth, there is always a risk of movement of other remaining teeth. This may cause bite misalignment. It is thus important to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible so as to maintain overall dental health. In such cases, you must search for dentist near me. If not treated at the right time, it may create issues of clenching and grinding of teeth.

Bridges in Missoula MT

When you wish to know more about bridges, you may search for dentist near you and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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