Night Guards for Teeth Grinding

Night Guards for Teeth Grinding

May 16, 2019

If you’ve ever woken up with a terribly sore jaw, with tooth pain, or even a headache, it might be time to contact your dentist in Sunset Hills, MO. That’s because these are symptoms that can be related to teeth-grinding in your sleep. Children and adults can both experience this problem at night. Because you’re sleeping while grinding your teeth, it can be hard to stop doing it. There’s a great way to prevent teeth-grinding, though, and that’s using a night guard.

What Night Guards Are

There are several varieties that night guards come in, including hard, soft, and medium. The soft ones typically will appear more like the mouth guards that are used for sporting events. The hard ones will more likely appear to resemble a clear plastic retainer. However, these are usually much more durable, and you’ll usually have only one for your upper teeth.

When you wear one at night, the night guard will give you a cushion so your teeth can no longer grind together. This can prevent external damage to your teeth, such as erosion and chipping. However, you may still experience symptoms such as jaw pain if you’re still grinding your teeth even with the guard.

What Night Guards Are Not

Though they can resemble retainers, they are not really the same thing. You should avoid using your retainer as a night guard. This is because it doesn’t have the same thickness that can protect against the pressure. On the other side of the matter, you shouldn’t use your night guard as a retainer either. A soft night guard will not stop your teeth from their shifting.

Where to Get Yours

There are two options for buying a night guard. These include an over-the-counter option or receiving a custom guard from a dentist near you. The one you can buy for yourself will usually need to be boiled, so you can bite into it and form the shape of your teeth. Getting your night-guard from a dentist in 63127 will make sure that you have a high quality and more comfortable option. They are custom built in a lab by a team of professionals after you’ve had an impression made of your teeth.

Cleaning and Storing Your Night Guard

It is always important to clean and store your night guard properly. Rinse it after you take it out, and then give it a brushing (without toothpaste, though). You should never store it when it’s wet, so make sure to give it some time to dry before you put it back in its case.

Ask Us About Your Night Guard

If you’re worried about grinding your teeth, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist in Sunset Hills. We can help find the right night guard for you. We can also give you tips to reduce the other symptoms you might be experiencing.

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