Oral Cancer Screenings in Sunset Hills, MO

Catching oral cancers and precancerous lesions early is key to the successful treatment, removal and curing of oral cancer. Particularly if you smoke, drink heavily, have previously had oral cancer or a high degree of sun exposure, it may be a good idea to get screened for oral cancer. Visit My STL Dentist in Sunset Hills, MO to get your oral cancer screening as soon as possible.

When to Get a Screening

Oral cancer screenings are done before any symptoms of oral cancer appear in a patient. Therefore, do not be overly alarmed if it is recommended to you that you should receive a screening. Research is still being conducted as to which demographics could most benefit from oral cancer screenings, but it is known that most oral cancer cases occur in the 55 to 64 year old age range. An oral cancer screening can be performed by your dentist in the setting of a normal office visit.

What to Expect During a Screening

While you are in for a screening the dentist administering the exam will look for abnormal clusters of white or red cells in your mouth. If any of these areas are found, then a series of additional diagnostics may be performed. There are multiple versions of tests where suspicious cells are stained, either with iodine or fluorescent dye, causing abnormal cells to stand out. The area in question may also be swabbed for cells to view under a microscope.

The Importance of Screening

The research is unclear on whether oral cancer screening increases the chance of saving people’s lives in cases of oral cancer. Experts disagree regarding the effectiveness of oral cancer screening. That being said, the earlier cancer is discovered, the more likely it is that treatment will be successful. Oral cancer screenings are noninvasive procedures that are not painful whatsoever and can be a part of normal check-up at your dentists.

Book an Appointment with Dentist for Oral Cancer Screening

If you are looking for peace of mind, have a family history of oral cancer, or partake in high risk behaviors like drinking and smoking, then visit My STL Dentist in Sunset Hills, MO for your oral cancer screening today.

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