Tooth-Colored Fillings in Sunset Hills, MO

Everyone has seen the telltale glinting gold or silver teeth that means someone has had dental work done. These fillings have been around as long as dental work has been done. Those are gold or amalgam colored fillings, and they are more and more often being overlooked for composite fillings.

Composite fillings are what you might know as tooth-colored fillings. At My STL Dentist, we offer all options for your needs. Tooth-colored fillings are a popular option because of the aesthetics and natural look they give to your teeth. Not everyone needs to know that you had a cavity 15 years ago, which is why discreet white fillings are great option for patients.

It is actually possible to preserve more of your natural tooth when using a composite, or tooth-colored, filling. They are made of a blend of plastic resin and silica fillers. They have a lot of the common qualities of the natural teeth that grow in your mouth. This means they are strong, sturdy, and resist wear. They are meant to help keep the function of your teeth, but that shouldn’t mean that they can’t also improve your smile.


The need for a tooth filling might arise if your tooth is decaying or has been chipped. The area is anesthetized, the tooth decay is removed so that the tooth is prepared for attachment, and the filling is placed within the tooth and allowed time to bond. This is the same whether the filling is tooth colored or not.

Tooth-colored fillings are only meant for small to medium needs, and that is usually when a filling is used. It is even possible to have the procedure finished with one visit to the dental office.

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