What Are the Benefits of Using Night Guards?

What Are the Benefits of Using Night Guards?

Dec 01, 2022

Are you encountering the problem of bruxism and wondering how you can overcome the habit? You can continue pondering the issue but will only find a solution once you visit your dentist to determine why you are grinding and clenching your teeth.

Bruxism causes you to grind your teeth and clench your jaw to cause injuries in your mouth, leaving you with chipped and damaged teeth or broken restorations. You could indulge in the habit when sleeping at night or even awake during the day. However, whenever you do it, the problem leaves you feeling stressed, making it essential to seek a remedy the problem from the dentist in Sunset Hills, MO, to overcome the problem and prevent damage to your teeth besides other issues.

When you visit the sunset hills, dentist expect the professional to examine your teeth to ascertain the severity of bruxism before suggesting that you wear a customized night guard for relief from the issue. Looking at the dental appliance can make you wonder why you didn’t think about it earlier because night guards are similar to mouth guards in sports goods stores and drugstores. However, you will likely express surprise with the information that while over-the-counter mouthguards help protect teeth against minimal damage when playing sports, they are not appropriate for bruxism and do not benefit your health, similar to customized night guards. The mention of health benefits from night guards can make you wonder how your health benefits from wearing a straightforward mouthguard over your teeth to stop teeth grinding. Please continue reading about the health benefits of night guards created for bruxism and benefit of wearing them when sleeping to improve your quality of life.

What Are Night Guards?

Night guards are dental appliances created by dentist 63127 after taking impressions of your mouth to fabricate them from hard or soft acrylic fitting over your upper and lower teeth aiming solely to keep your teeth separated to prevent contact between them when grinding your teeth at night.

Night guards help protect your teeth from damage from teeth grinding, resulting in several problems needing expensive restorations from dentists and causing you to have uneven teeth or dental infections. However, if you decide to invest in a customized night guard, you help prevent damage to your teeth besides gaining from the benefits night guards offer to your general health.

How Are Night Guards Applied?

After providing impressions of your mouth and teeth to the sunset hills dentist, you receive night guards in Sunset Hills, MO, in approximately a week when the dentist instructs how to wear them when sleeping for protection from the teeth grinding. You must follow the dentist’s instructions stringently to make your investment worth the effort. Besides, the above night guards don’t require any specific training or guidelines for the application because the process for wearing them is relatively straightforward.

Benefits of Night Guards

  • Protects Teeth from Damage: night guards ensure the teeth in your upper, and lower jaw do not contact each other when sleeping, even when you grind your teeth subconsciously. Teeth grinding, although seeming harmless, causes enamel erosion making you vulnerable to sensitive teeth, loss of restorations, and chipping or breaking your teeth. The lack of contact between your teeth by wearing the night guard prevents your teeth from sustaining damage and exposing you to considerable expenditure to restore your teeth.
  • Reduction In Jaw Tension and Pain: when grinding your teeth, you might clench your jaw, putting pressure on your temporomandibular joint that causes pain and tension in the jaw and problems like headaches, earaches, et cetera. Wearing night guards helps prevent issues with your jaw joint avoiding the problem of TMJ disorders affecting you.
  • Induces Healthy Sleep Patterns: Night guards, while relieving problems from the teeth grinding, also help develop healthy sleep patterns by reducing stress and helping your muscles to relax. The custom-created night guard fits into your mouth to align your jaw tightly, giving you a better night’s sleep.
  • Helps Prevent Snoring: Snoring might not bother you, but it will undoubtedly frustrate your partner. In addition, you might not have any control over your snoring, but if you invest in a night guard to prevent teeth grinding, you inadvertently receive a device that helps alleviate snoring by keeping your jaws separated.
  • Saves Money: If teeth grinding exposes you to considerable expenditure, investing in a customized mouthguard proves as a money saver because it prevents damage to your teeth while benefiting your general health in several ways. Don’t you think a night guard does much more than merely prevent tooth damage?

If teeth grinding concerns you and causes damage to your teeth, My STL Dentist provides custom-created night guards to help overcome the issue and benefit from wearing the appliance over your teeth when sleeping. Consult with the practice to have a night guard customized for your mouth to take advantage of the benefits discussed in this article.

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