Why are Tooth-Colored Fillings a Good Option

Why are Tooth-Colored Fillings a Good Option

Jun 25, 2019

Most people suffer from cavities at one or other point in their life. These cavities can be treated by using fillings. Earlier, when people received fillings, the only option that they had was metal fillings. These fillings used to be visible while smiling and talking. However, now, one can benefit from the tooth-colored fillings and get esthetically appealing smile, says the dentist in sunset hills. Let’s explore more about them.


The composite fillings are made of the tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture, which are placed into the cavity, layer after layer. Each layer is hardened by a specific light before the next layer is placed. This offers strength and durability. Once the layers have been placed, the dentist will polish the composite to make them look natural and prevent them from staining.

One of the main advantages of composite filling is the natural appearance that they offer. The dentist can mix the shades and offer you a customized composite, which matches your tooth color closely. In fact, it’s said that they bond better to the tooth to support the structure of the tooth and also helps in preventing further decay and breakage.

Composite Bonding

The composite resin can be used for other purposes as well, apart from fillings. It is used in cosmetic procedures also. You can use them for filling minor gaps, chips, and cracks in your teeth, says the dentist near Sunset Hills, MO. It’s more cost effective and less damaging way of making your teeth attractive and hiding the flaws. The dentist will first prepare your tooth for the composite and then will apply it layer by layer.

After the composite has hardened, the dentist will shape and polish the composite so that it is cohesive with the rest of your teeth.

Why Choose Tooth-colored Fillings

The metal alloy can make you feel conscious of your smile and you may want to cover your mouth or smile less often. But with the tooth-colored composite fillings, your teeth will become healthier with better functionality and looks. You can visit the dentist for more information and consultation.

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