Why Consider the Five Health Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Why Consider the Five Health Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Jan 01, 2022

Do you have missing teeth and are displaying visible gaps in your smile? You may have information that replacing the missing teeth is essential to maintain your dental and overall health in excellent condition. If you want to achieve your goal and stop displaying gaps between your smile, you must consider the health benefits of dental bridges and contact the dentist near you requesting them for the replacements.

Would you like to know how the loss of teeth impacts your dental and overall health? If so, please realize the gaps in your smile encourage your remaining teeth to move towards the vacant space to create misalignments in your mouth, affecting your dental health. The teeth in the opposite jaw also move upwards or downwards, making it essential for you to replace the missing teeth as soon as possible. Simultaneously the missing teeth make it challenging for you to eat, speak, or feel confident. The lack of nutrition impacts your overall health causing various deficiencies you never experienced earlier. Instead of enduring the challenges posed by lost teeth, why not visit the dentist in sunset hills, MO, requesting a solution that restores all the abilities you lost with your teeth?

Dental bridges are a solution when the dentist places a fake tooth or Pontic in the vacant gap anchoring it to dental crowns bonded on the natural teeth beside the gap or dental implants on both sides. This article provides you with the health benefits of dental bridges to ensure you are confident about them and make an informed decision when seeking the treatment to have them.

What Are the Health Benefits of Dental Bridges?

1. Restore Your Smile

Can you put a price tag on a beautiful and healthy smile? You will feel self-confident after getting dental bridges to replace your missing teeth. You won’t ever again try to hide your smile before your friends because you are self-conscious. Dental bridges in sunset hills, MO, restore your smile and improve your quality of life.

2. Better Chewing

Your experience challenges or pain when eating your favorite foods after losing your teeth. The pain results from the adjacent teeth shifting towards the vacant gap. In such cases, food particles can accumulate in the socket where your tooth existed, damaging your gums. If you wish to alleviate the pain permanently when eating, the sunset Hills dentist recommends investing in dental bridges because the task of eating shouldn’t cause pain regularly.

3. Better Speech

Loss of multiple teeth can make it challenging for you to pronounce words or cause you to speak with a lisp. If you wish to fix speech issues, you must address the tooth loss, which is primarily responsible for impacting your speech. Your teeth have a crucial role to play in how you form words in your mouth. If you find it challenging to believe, try reading aloud to understand how often your lips or tongue contact your teeth while speaking. You can resolve these issues with dental bridges helping you get over the speech impediment.

4. Maintain The Natural Shape of Your Face

One of the consequences of tooth loss is jawbone resorption which begins soon after you lose a tooth. The resorption starts when your jawbone doesn’t receive the stimulation it needs from the regular biting forces of your mouth. As a result, your face begins sagging in appearance to make you look older than you are.

5. Preventing Misalignment

Your teeth remain in place held by strong tooth roots under the surface of your gums. The teeth also receive support from the adjacent teeth to stay in place. When you are affected by multiple tooth losses, your remaining teeth begin shifting towards the vacant gap and create misalignment. The movement makes you prone to dental infections like gum disease and tooth decay. Unless you close the gap in your mouth, you soon become a candidate to receive expensive and uncomfortable orthodontic treatments to correct the misalignments. Instead, you can prevent your teeth from shifting by filling the vacant gap with an artificial tooth seeking treatment from the dentist providing dental bridges.

If you are dealing with the problem of tooth loss, whether single or multiple, please do not hesitate to call My STL Dentist to have dental bridges and replace your missing teeth.

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